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2013Yearbooks New 1 The BVA invests in an annual market research programme on behalf of its members and to help inform the BVA’s marketing and public affairs activities.  We produce monthly and quarterly market reports, we conduct an annual consumer tracking study into audience usage and behaviour and we publish an annual statistical digest, the BVA Yearbook, the last word in video market intelligence.


Offical Charts CompanyIn association with the Official Charts Company we publish the weekly top 10 best-selling DVD and Blu-ray titles so you can see the most popular releases each week.  We hope to be able to add digital data during 2014.



2013 market insight

Since the closure of Woolworth’s in 2009 the video entertainment market has experienced challenges from difficult trading conditions and from falling consumer expenditure, but declines in physical sales and rentals have to some extent been compensated for by a growing interest in and up-take of digital video services.

BVA year-end figures show that in 2013 consumer expenditure on video entertainment grew from £2,245 billion to £2,256 billion, driven by an estimated 40% rise in spending on digital video entertainment to £621 million and a 10% rise in Blu-ray Disc spending. This year-on-year increase in the value of the video market of 0.5% effectively maintains the overall market value as consumers shift their viewing habits.

During 2013 there was a 6.8% fall in physical sales and a 24% decline in rental value.  Distributors are anticipating a further decline in the value of the physical retail market in 2014 and are looking to sustain demand for packaged media within the grocery trade.

OCC sales figures continue to provide the backbone of our market reports, together with quarterly Kantar Worldpanel data on retailer shares and consumer trends. The BVA subscribes to MediaTel’s Connected Consumer, a research and business planning resource tracking the evolution of TV and VOD in the UK by collating major data, analysis and consumer insights on the evolution of television, from broadcast channels to on-demand applications on multiple screens and devices. The BVA also maintains close relationships with other invaluable insight providers to the sector including IHS (formerly Screen Digest), FutureSourceGfKDecipher and MTM.



The BVA Insight Plan for 2014 is to:

  • support the Research Steering Group Chairman in undertaking a full review of current BVA & distributors’ research, identify gaps and propose a recommendation for 2014 to cover all disc and digital needs
  • undertake consumer research into understanding attitudes towards ownership and consumption of paid-for video content
  • review and revise the current BVA Reports based on members’ needs.
  • provide members with an annual Research Day and line-up of speakers that are expert in presenting relevant insights into the video industry
  • work with OCC and other providers to ensure the delivery of a digital video chart
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  • Warner Brothers
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  • Lionsgate
  • Paramount
  • BFI
  • Koch Media
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  • Studio Canal
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  • HiT Entertainment
  • Simply Media
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