Strong growth in connected devices helps digital services sustain video market

31st December 2013:  Figures published today by the British Video Association show that in 2013 consumer expenditure on video entertainment grew from £2,245 billion[1] to £2,256 billion, driven by a 40.2% rise in spending on digital video entertainment to £621 million[2] and a 10% rise in Blu-ray Disc sales. This modest year-on-year increase in the value of the video market of 0.5% effectively maintains the overall market value as consumers shift their viewing habits. 

The growth in revenue from digital video entertainment reflects the growing number of people who are using connected devices and the increasing ease of access to video services in and out of the home, driven by the strong demand for the smaller tablets and jumbo smart TVs.  Current estimates[3] suggest that over 10 million tablets have been sold this year alone, alongside 1.8 million smart TVs, as new models are launched and the prices of digital technology continue to fall. 

Video entertainment is still dominated by physical formats however, despite difficult trading conditions which reduced the availability of video to high street shoppers.  Discs represented 73% of the total video retail and rental sectors by value last year.  Consumer research[4] shows that shops account for 88% of impulse purchases, while people mainly use the internet for planned purchases such as gifts.  Retail sales amounted to £1.438 billion, down 6.8% on 2012.  DVD volume sales fell by 11.5% as video audiences changed their mix of format use, including a 12.4% increase in Blu-ray Disc unit sales, as well as growing digital ownership.  The physical store-based rental market has seen gradual decline over the last 10 years, as audiences have moved to buying and to renting by post. 

Commenting on today’s figures, Lavinia Carey, Director General of the BVA said, “These results are a mark of the public’s perennial enjoyment of video entertainment in what has been a very challenging year in entertainment retailing.  They demonstrate that the millions of people who bought video titles as Christmas presents are joined by millions more who just love watching video all year round, in both physical and digital formats.  

“The industry has no doubt that viewers’ up-take of digital services will continue to grow over the coming year, but at the other end of the market there’s also huge appeal in DVD and the crystal clear sound and picture of a Blu-ray Disc on a big high-definition TV sitting back with friends or family.  More and more of us are doing both.” 

2013’s total Top 10 best sellers by volume (DVD and Blu-ray Disc combined) were: 

1   Skyfall                                                             20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT

2   The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey            WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT

3   Les Misérables                                               UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

4   Despicable Me 2                                             UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

5   The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2     ENTERTAINMENT ONE

6   Monsters University                                        WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

7   Star Trek - Into Darkness                                PARAMOUNT HOME ENT

8   Django Unchained                                          SONY PICTURES HOME ENT

9   Life of Pi                                                        20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT

10  Man of Steel                                                  WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT

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Year End

Source:  OCC, BVA and IHS

Genre 2013 Top 10 charts by volume


1   Skyfall                                                              20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT

2   The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey                WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT

3   Les Misérables                                                 UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

4   The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn - Pt 2           ENTERTAINMENT ONE

5   Star Trek - Into Darkness                                  PARAMOUNT HOME ENT

6   Django Unchained                                            SONY PICTURES HOME ENT

7   Life Of Pi                                                         20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT

8   Man Of Steel                                                    WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT

9   Iron Man 3                                                       WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

10  Taken 2                                                          20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT



1   Despicable Me 2                                                 UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

2   Monsters University                                             WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

3   Despicable Me                                                    UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

4   Wreck-It Ralph                                                   WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

5   The Croods                                                        20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENT

6   Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted                 PARAMOUNT HOME ENT

7   Rise Of The Guardians                                       PARAMOUNT HOME ENT

8   Brave                                                                WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

9   The Jungle Book                                                 WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

10  Hotel Transylvania                                              SONY PICTURES HOME ENT



1   This Is Us                                                               SONY PICTURES HOME ENT

2   Les Misérables - In Concert - 25th                           UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

3   Life Is But A Dream                                                 BBC WORLDWIDE

4   Made Of Stone                                                       CHANNEL 4 DVD

5   Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live                       EAGLE ROCK

6   One Night At The Palladium                                      BBC WORLDWIDE

7   History Of The Eagles                                              UNIVERSAL MUSIC

8   Still Reelin' And A-Rockin' - Live                               UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

9   Happy Birthday                                                        UNIVERSAL MUSIC

10  The Only Way Is Up                                                ENTERTAINMENT ONE


Special Interest

1   Micky Flanagan - Back In The Game – Live                   CHANNEL 4 DVD

2   Mrs Brown's Boys - Mrs Brown Rides Again                    UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

3   Mrs Brown's Live Tour - Good Mourning                        UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

4   Miranda Hart's Maracattack                                         BBC WORLDWIDE

5   Michael Mcintyre - Showtime                                       UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

6   Bill Bailey - Qualmpeddler                                           UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

7   Jimmy Carr - Laughing And Joking                               CHANNEL 4 DVD

8   Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure Live                                UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD 

9   Peter Kay - Live & Back On Nights                               UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

10  john Bishop - Live - Rollercoaster Tour                         BBC WORLDWIDE


Sport & Fitness

1   London 2012 Olympic Games                                      BBC WORLDWIDE

2   Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred                                    LIONSGATE/ELEVATION SALES

3   Josie Gibson's 30 Second Slim                                     UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

4   British & Irish Lions 2013–Complete Collection           LACE DVD           

5   Davina - Intense - A New Way Of Training               BBC WORLDWIDE

6   10 Minute Solution - Blast Off Belly Fat                     ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT

7   The British & Irish Lions Tour 2013                            LACE DVD

8   Gillette Soccer Saturday - Cheers Jeers                  ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT

9   Wimbledon - Gentlemen's Final 2013                      GOOD GUYS MEDIA

10  Manchester United - Champions 2013                    PDI MEDIA



1   Game Of Thrones - Complete Second Season    WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT          

2   Top Gear - The Perfect Road Trip                                 BBC WORLDWIDE

3   Mrs Brown's Boys - Series Three                                 UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

4   Mrs Brown's Boys - Series Two                               UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

5   Breaking Bad - Complete Seasons 1-3                    SONY PICTURES HOME ENT

6   The Big Bang Theory - Complete Season 6            WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT

7   Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Crackers                    UNIVERSAL PICTURES (UK) LTD

8   Game Of Thrones - Complete First Season               WARNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT

9   Sherlock - Complete Series 1 & 2                              BBC WORLDWIDE

10  Breaking Bad - The Complete 1st Season                SONY PICTURES HOME ENT

(NB bold indicates box-set sales are included)

Source:  Official Video Charts 52 weeks Jan-Dec 2013 

The Official Charts Company compiles the UK’s Official Video charts and data for the video industry, drawing on sales from 6,500 retailers across all key distribution (or entertainment) channels including all major high street retail chains, independent stores, supermarkets and mail order internet retailers. The full range of weekly video charts can be viewed at

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[1] Source:  OCC, BVA and IHS, who revised its 2012 digital market value figure from £456m to £453m

[2] IHS digital video value includes EST, TV-VoD, web-based VoD and sVoD services

[3] GfK estimates, based on MAT sales to end Oct 2013

[4] Consumer feedback to Kantar Worldpanel in the 12 months to June 2013

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