Tackling insurance is a bit like mucking out at the crack of dawn – no-one really wants to do it but, unfortunately, if you own a horse it comes with the territory.

And, if you don’t take time to find the right insurance, both you and your horse could suffer very severe consequence in the future. Instead of putting your trust, not to mention your money, in the first company you stumble across, shop around and compare quotes online to find a policy which fulfils your needs.

Compare specialist equine insurers to find a tailor-made policy that’s right for you and your horse!

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Type Of CoverPolicy OptionsDiscounts
animal friends horse insurance Horse
Personal Accident & Dental
3rd Party Liability
Death of Horse
No discounts found Get a quote
e & l horse insurance Horse
Trailer Hire
Varies depending on the plan chosen and age of horse 30% Introductory*
5% Multi-horse*
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*The total maximum discount per policy is 35%.
*Introductory discounts provided only apply to new policies taken out online.
the insurance emporium horse insurance Horse
Trailer Hire
Vet's Fees
Personal Accident & Dental
3rd Party Liability
Disposal Costs
Loss of Use
Saddlery & Tack
Disposal Costs
Transportation & Livery
20% Introductory*
10% Multi-horse*
5% Off TotalHorse.co.uk*
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*The 20% Introductory Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies. We are also planning to offer a Loyalty Scheme to reward faithful customers after 12 months.

*Insure more than one horse with us and you will be eligible for an extra 10% discount on your horse insurance, a potential 30% discount on new policies (including 20% Intro Discount).
seib insurance brokers Horse
Vet's Fees
3rd Party Liability
Colic Surgery
Death, Theft and Straying
Loss of Use
Saddlery & Tack
Legal Cover
Rider / Pesonal Accident
No discounts found Get a quote

How Much Is Horse Insurance?

There are many factors that can affect your insurance premium. We delve a little deeper into how companies calculate what you pay and why at renewal you can expect to see an increase.

What Is Public Liability Horse Insurance?

Every horse owner should take out, at the very least, a policy that will protect them if their horse damages someone else’s property or injures another person.

Finding The Best Horse Insurance 2020

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your horse, keeping him is a costly affair and insurance is a responsible option, bringing peace of mind that your sometimes clumsy best friend is covered.

Types Of Cover Available

As you’ll likely know from being a horse enthusiast, horse insurance is a little different to standard pet insurance. Whether you ride horses for leisure or competitively, you’ll have differing needs to cover your horse.

Tailored Cover For All Situations

Horse insurance was first introduced in the racing world. Subsequently in the post-war era, a new market developed as people began to enjoy more leisure time. Gradually, as horseowners’ knowledge expanded, they demanded more choice.

Horses are expensive and unpredictable and riding is not without risk, so to contemplate owning an uninsured horse is foolhardy in the extreme.

With good insurance your horse will receive the best treatment and care and you won’t have to worry about the costs. And, although most of us like to think we’re invincible, we could have an accident at any time, which might result in loss of earnings and extra expenses which could trigger the need for some emergency borrowing.

Levels Of Cover Available

There is a wide range of cover available from a variety of insurers. Most policies are all variations on several basic themes:

Mortality and theft

This is the most common cover and forms the basis for most policies. If your horse is killed, has to be put down on humane grounds, is stolen, killed in transport or strays, you should be able to claim for the amount that your horse has been insured for.

Loss of use

If your horse can no longer perform the discipline he was insured for due to an accident, sickness, disease or an external injury, you could claim 60-100% of the sum insured. This is called loss of use insurance. To fulfil such a claim, most insurers will require a full, five-stage vet certificate, sometimes including x-rays.

Most permanent loss of use claims result from sickness and disease, so look out for policies limited to claims resulting only from accidental external injury.

Loss of use is a contentious area and making a claim can be a long and frustrating process. You must prove the loss occurred within the policy period and is not a result of age, behavioural problems, or lack of ability. It can take up to a year to determine one of these cases.

Vet Fees

As a result of new scientific discoveries, the growing popularity of alternative treatments and the rising costs of drugs, more horses are now insured for veterinary fees. In the long run, vet fees insurance cover may save you hundreds of pounds, so it could be worth investing in.

As the cost and variety of veterinary treatment increases, so does the possible price of getting your horse well again. Vet fee cover pays for non-routine veterinary bills (after deduction of any excess). Check the annual claim limit and the incident claim limit. It is pointless having an annual limit of £3000 if the maximum you can claim per incident is £500. Most big vet bills come from a single incident rather than lots of little ones.

Some policies cover complementary therapies and remedial farriery as long as they are recommended by a vet. If you are willing to try alternative treatments, a policy like this is well worth considering.

Make sure you are aware of the ‘per incident’ limits on your policy and look out for excess amount. This means, in the event of a claim, you’ll have to pay towards the costs.

Public liability

Public liability insurance is relatively cheap and will protect you against damages if your horse causes an accident or damages someone else’s property and a claim is made against you.

Personal Accident

Personal accident insurance pays a lump sum if the rider dies or is permanently disabled while riding, driving, leading or handling an insured horse. It’s worth checking if the policy includes dental treatment as not every company offers this. Also, check whether dental cover is just for the rider or includes the horse.

Standard tack cover

Tack insurance usually includes accidental damage, fire and theft.

Horsebox cover

Most insurers also offer horse trailer insurance as part of a package or as a stand-alone policy. This usually includes accidental damage, fire and theft.

Choosing a policy

Every owner has different requirements, depending on their horse’s age, his value and the disciplines he’s required to do. Make a list of the situations where you may need financial assistance in the future, such as if your horse is sill or you have an accident, and then begin compare quotes to find the policy that best suits your needs.

Standard policies

Many insurers offer standard packages which are often aimed at the lower value horse. These generally include all risks of mortality and theft, tack, vet fees (you’ll find the amount is usually limited in standard packages), legal liability and personal accident. It’s easier and quicker to buy a package but you could end up paying for cover which you’re not likely to need for your horse.

Tailor-made policies

Tailor-made policies are designed specifically for each individual customer by the insurer.

Veteran horse insurance

Most insurers offer veteran polices created for older horses, usually over the age of 15. These are similar packages but usually only cover vet fees and death as a result of accidental external injury. Few companies are willing to insure an older horse for illness or disease.

What our customers say

BVA Equine helped me to find a great price on my equine insurance. The renewal on my current policy was really expensive, so I decided to shop around online and try and save some money. The simple quote form make it easy to compare policies!

Chloe Hall / Essex

I needed some comprehensive insurance for my dressage pony and turned to BVA Equine for help. Find the cover I needed was very straightforward. Would definitely recommend.

Sophie M / Chester

BVA Equine made it so easy to compare horse insurance quotes and it only took a few minutes for me to find a policy!

Claire Harris / Hull

How can B.V.A Equine help?

We work with a panel of specialist UK horse insurance providers. Simply fill out a few details about your horse insurance needs and we’ll match you up with a panel of providers who can provide a quote for you.

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52 thoughts on “Finding The Best Horse Insurance In 2020

  1. Jane Carey says:

    Heard so many stories about tack being stolen at shows I was wondering what tack insurance people recommend?!

    • Abi Smalls says:

      Is it just tack as a private horse owner on a rented yard? It’s difficult to find as it’s usually either individual horse cover with tack added, or a professional yard with a business policy, or yard owner having buildings and contents insurance (as a private tenant you can’t insure the buildings as you don’t have an ‘insurable interest’ in them).

      • Jane Carey says:

        Yeh that’s it! I don’t insure my horses individually but really want tack covered. So much has gone missing this weekend from shows etc just makes you realise x

        • Abi Smalls says:

          You’d need to check if it’s covered in transit rather than just from the named premises as I honestly can’t remember. I believe some horsebox insurance will add on contents but it’s not commonplace and then obviously doesn’t cover it in your tackroom x

            • Abi Smalls says:

              I looked into that but they will only cover a reasonable number of possessions for one horse otherwise you could be classed as committing fraud if you claimed for numerous horse’s items from a policy only covering one.

              It’s worth checking house insurance too; each policy is different. Ours only covers items under a certain value unless itemised and declared, and will only cover them for a set period away from the home (eg. Taken laptop on holiday) rather than anything which is kept permanently on the yard, but others may be different x

    • Sammy S says:

      Have on your household contents insurance, that’s the best option really as tack cover on a horse insurance policy is very restrictive

    • Tanya Roberts says:

      I think you can add them on your home insurance and covered away from home but might be some conditions I guess?

    • Carole Davids says:

      I have mine on my house insurance & it’s also covered away from home. Much cheaper than on a horse insurance policy.

  2. Zoe Wells says:

    I have been advised that if you under insure the value of your horse that your insurance can be invalid – is this the case ?

    We bred our own foal so insured once arrived at the value of the insemination and covering fee, horse is now 4yr old graded stallion but still insured for same sum of money. Not bothered about pay out if he was to pass but does have highest vet fees cover, but don’t want to be dropped in a claim if the above I have heard is correct?

    • Phoebe Howell says:

      When I insured my mare, I just put her for the price I paid but they refused to insure her as they said she was worth more. They then stated the lowest they would insure her for (double what I applied for) I would have thought if they agreed on the price they can’t go back on it, maybe phone them up & query it.

      • Zoe Wells says:

        I fully agree however if I was to ring them I will draw attention to the fact and wonder if the insurance premium would then go through the roof as he is worth a lot more than stated if that makes sense.

    • Eva Fraser says:

      On each yearly renewal you should declare any changes to the policy, this would include change in value of horse.

      If you don’t, then the insurance could say you didn’t disclose full information and on rare occasion invalidate your policy. You can however under insure as long as the insurer agrees.

      Some have a standard amount they will allow you to under insure by, and if you wanted to go below that you still could but then they would have to refer it to the underwriter of the policy to agree.

    • Jade Collins says:

      Mine are all insured for minimum value just to get vets fees. Never had a problem but i don’t insure for loss of use.

    • Tia Griffiths says:

      I have mine insured for £4000 less then I paid for him and they paid out fine when I needed to claim on injury. I don’t insure loss of use.

    • Amber L says:

      My value doubled & the only difference was £20 a year, which to me made no sense as the insurance company could have kept the value low as I was happy for her value to be low, but instead they added another £700+ to the value just for an extra £20 ? that’s with pet plan xo

    • Francesca Burgess says:

      It doesn’t invalidate the insurance but if you ever had a total loss claim and tried to claim the value of your horse you would only receive a %
      So say for example you insured her for £2500 when her actual value was £5000 you had under-insured by 50% and so would only get 50% of your sum insured – so £1250.

    • Sophia Burns says:

      Mine are insured for minimum value I can just to get vets fees/liability etc. Not bothered about getting money back for them if anything happened. I asked insurance company this and they weren’t bothered they said it was my choice.

  3. Nina J says:

    Has anyone got any experience with Four Counties Insurance Brokers for horse insurance? Anyone claimed with them? Looking at them to get insurance for my new horse, thanks in advance ?

    • Kirsty D says:

      I’m with them now & had a claim previously through them with Rural insurance as they’re a broker
      They are good to deal with.

    • Laura Shriver says:

      Very good I’ve had 2 claims with them? nothing but happy with there service ??I don’t need anymore!!

    • Sandy Orwell says:

      I’ve been using them for 2 years now but they were just the middle man between me and SEIB in the end, when I claimed, i went straight to SEIB.

  4. Leah Giles says:

    My horse insurance is due for renewal at the end of the month currently with nfu and they want to put my monthly up by £10 a month. Who else do people recommend?? I haven’t claimed In the two years I have had her and haven’t had to get vet out other then vaccination. Currently pay £65 they want to put it up to £75 and she is insured for £4000 and don’t have loss of use.

    • Libby Benson says:

      I insure mine at the lowest possible price (unless you want loss of use what’s the point) which helps bring monthly payments down and I find petplan a lot cheaper than nfu.

      Years ago I had several horses all insured with nfu I never checked each year what the price was and I was horrified how much it had gone up – like you hadn’t had any claims but paid by dd so never checked x

    • Victoria H says:

      Stay with nfu. My retired boy is with petplan to reduce costs and if my current lame one is unfixable she will go that way too but if you have one that’s in full work/you want fixing at all costs if anything goes wrong I’d stay with nfu.

    • Ben Edwards says:

      Is your horse actually worth that amount? Lowering the insured value can dramatically reduce your premium – just a thought.

    • Elizabeth Cook says:

      They doubled mine from £46 to £95pm after I claimed. I had been with them 15 years and never made a claim previously so worked out they had received over £8000 in premiums from me over the years… Where does that money go?! It’s not really fair is it?! Sorry not helpful but needed a rant?

    • Lara Fletcher says:

      I paid £350 year with e&l horse insured £4000 on death. Upto £7000 vet bills made claim last year, paid immediately, no problems.

    • Rachel Godfrey says:

      You get what you pay for. I’m with NFU and I pay £84 for a 15 year old who’s value is set at £3500 I think. He’s worth his weight in gold so if that means paying a fairly high premium to ensure he can always be treated then I don’t mind it.

    • Lily G says:

      Same had happened with me with NFU. I have never claimed so thinking about just putting money aside, vet fee limit is £5k & have never ever claimed and paid more than that in premiums ?

    • Lola B says:

      SEIB are brilliant, I pay less than this and my horse has had three surgeries this year which they have paid for without any problems. They are really nice to deal with and very helpful, would say they are great value for money!

    • Phoebe Little says:

      E and L have a bad reputation and it’s completely unwarranted. We pay under £400 a year for two of our horses and claimed about £6k for both in the last year. They’ve been superb. Would recommend them 100%!

    • Paige Allen says:

      Our pony has had surgery, we are insured with pet plan, they paid after much going back and forth, and then wrote off all her legs for tendon and ligament damage, she unfortunately damaged her other leg and they won’t pay for that even though it’s a separate injury.

    • Madeleine Price says:

      I do think you need to look at what you want from an insurance company. In my experience, they rinse you on paying out insured value on death anyway as it’s ‘insured value or market value; whichever is lower’ and then they just revalue your horse and pay out peanuts.

      I paid £20k for a 3yo elite mare with world class jumping bloodlines, but the reality is I’m a relative novice who prances around on a pretty horse doing bugger all! What’s the chance of her ‘market value’ being more than peanuts?

  5. Kelly Cole says:

    What’s the best insurance to go with?
    I have a 1 and three month old filly, can anyone recommend an insurance company please?
    Don’t want to pay loads.

    • Steph Clarke says:

      E&L… they have some bad reviews but I’ve made three big claims in passed year and they’ve paid out every time. Usually come up the cheapest too! Though I wouldn’t base your judgement on everyone’s recommendations as all claims are so different ?

    • Stace Brown says:

      Petplan equine have always been amazing with me. Paid out for 2 big claims no problem. Direct to vet. There was no hassle with them at all.

    • Emma Green says:

      I can’t fault E&L
      I pay £28 a month for there full cover which includes £5000 per vet claim

      They’ve always paid out no issues.

    • Hannah Holmes says:

      NFU – sadly don’t have any horses now but have had 4 insured with over the last 8 years. They are very easy to contact, very helpful and understanding and we never had a problem with a claim- and we had many.

  6. Sally Caldwell says:

    Looking for horse insurance recommendations, currently with SEIS but looking to go with somebody cheaper, currently paying £58 per horse per month for two mares one of which is a field ornament and have never claimed through insurance thus far ?

    • Laura Hipkiss says:

      SEIS are also getting ridiculous on their exclusions now. Interestingly quite a few of their letters are on Petplan headed paper too so guessing they are now the same company/underwriters. You’ll find any related companies won’t tend to quote less as they know what you are currently paying ? Had this last month with dog insurance as more and more are amalgamating ?

    • Barb Fellows says:

      KBIS catastrophe cover is very good value if you are happy with limited vet cover – just for big things.

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