In Bingo, players match up numbers on a grid to win a prize. Several types of bingo exist, including Lotto, a game of chance. The game dates back to the 1500s when it was known as Beano, and it remains one of the most popular forms of low-priced gambling worldwide. There are many reasons why Bingo is such a popular game, including the simple rules, easy instructions, and the fact that you can play different types of Bingo based on your ticket numbers.

How to Play Bingo?

When you play online, you must place your bets after choosing your game, and the tickets start at just 1p. A number gets announced first, and the system ticks it off as it is announced. You will not be able to stop until a line is filled or a ticket is filled. The following are some added advantages of playing online:

Card Sorting – Your cards are sorted by the computer, helping you to increase your winning chances.

Autoplay – As the numbers play, the system marks them off automatically rather than you having to search desperately for them.

Highlighting Cards – When you are close to winning, the system will alert you.

Types of Bingo

The main difference between Bingo variants is how many numbers there are on the ticket. Bingo comes in the following variants:

  • 80 Bingo Balls

  • 90 Bingo Balls

  • 75 Bingo Balls

Online bingo sites usually offer unique games such as Burst Bingo, where balloons pop with numbers appearing as they burst. Another popular game is Rainbow Riches Bingo, which features the numbers on four-leaf clovers.

Final Thoughts

A game of Bingo played in a bingo hall or online can be similar, however, having all the benefits of playing online as well as being able to relax at home whilst drinking tea using a mobile device or desktop computer just feels so much more special.