Sic Bo


The dice game Sic Bo is another well -loved and highly coveted game of chance (the other one being Craps). Dice and a similar table to Roulette are used to play this ancient Chinese gambling game of chance. The game is highly popular in Asian casinos and is spreading to American and European casinos thanks to its simple rules and entertaining themes. Among the variants of Sic Bo are the English version which is called Grand Hazard, and an American version dubbed – Chuck a Luck.

How to Play Sic Bo

A player’s wager must be announced at the beginning of each game by placing their chips on the table that corresponds to their selection. Following the confirmation of all bets, the dealer will then either roll three dice by an electromagnetic device or by hand. Casinos never let players touch the dice when they play this game.

A player will be able to see the outcome of a dice roll after it has been completed, whether they have won or lost. Your next bet is now ready, and you’re hoping your luck shines during the next round of Sic Bo. Sic Bo is played according to simple rules; place your bet, a dealer will roll the dice, and you will either win or lose.


Most players of Sic Bo love the chance factor of the game, it’s mostly luck and in some Asian cultures, luck is regarded as an important factor in their lives which further solidifies the popularity of Sic Bo. In addition, players cannot predict the outcome of the game because it’s a game of chance. The key to being a successful player is to never get tempted to bet too much too soon. The best bets to make are usually the big or small ones since they tend to have the best odds with the smallest house edge.